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Visitor Testimonials

Akash Patel – Volpak
General Manager

“I’m Akash Patel from India. I represent my company Volpak Systems Pvt. Ltd. and we are in the field of HVAC&R contracting. We represent Daikin company and it was my first time at SODEX, here in Istanbul. It was one of the biggest exhibitions which I have seen so far in my history. On the business opportunities I would say that there was a buyers’ program which was happening and it was very nice interaction between the buyers and the suppliers from Turkey. I represented as a buyer and we had couple of good variety of people coming and asking for help which we can do them in India. That was really nice. Also the evening function was nicely done and we think that this can go up a long way. I had along with me around eleven people from India and I speak on their behalf and they also said the same thing that it was one of the niceliest done exhibitions which we have found.”

Frank E.A. Owusu – Frandi Frasha

“My name is Elvis Owusu and I come from Ghana. I’m here to participate in this SODEX 2019 which have been really impressive. As a matter of fact I have been able to make couple of companies that blew my mind. I have been able to meet people in B2B meetings and have new contacts and we have potentials in the future. We have a lot of business that we were able to make and we look forward to make more business in the near future.

As Frandi Frasha we are glad to be here and we would love to be doing business with Turkish companies especially the ones we meet and we are really grateful. Thank you!”

Frederick Amoah – Amanchalak

My name is Frederick Amoah, from Ghana. I am a businessman, I’m a real estate developer, we build houses and than we do other stuff which has to do with houses. I heard about this fair in Turkey. In Ghana, we have great names about Turkey when it comes to construction, technology and other stuff. So, when I heard about this I was so much to be part of the fair and to come and see what the news face that Turkey has. Frankly speaking I have really enjoyed and seen a lot of friends in Turkey. I’m so much happy.

This is SODEX exhibition, one of the greatest I have seen so far in any of the exhibitions I go and I am happy to be here. I made a lot of contacts and I have a lot of contact cards from all over the countries. I received contacts from U.S. to China, from other places and from Turkey and I am so much happy to be here. Thank you!”


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