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Cem Akan – Alarko
General Manager

“We are at SODEX exhibition welcoming more than 1,000 exhibitors from 44 countries. We showcase our new technological, environment-friendly and other new products. We believe that we will make a difference with our Aldens condensing boilers and automated air-conditioning systems. We develop various products to export. We have great expectations from the exhibition and we have had a great time up to now. We are happy to be here. We have a large and spacious booth. Thank you!”

Mathias Layher – Bitzer
Director Sales AC and Process

“We are manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. This year is our second time to have an own booth. For us it’s very important to be at SODEX fair mainly because more and more OEM costumers are based in Turkey and of course not only supplying the Turkish market but also the surrounding. So, we find it very helpful to meet costumers at SODEX not only from Turkey but also from Syria, Lebanon, other Middle East countries, also Northern Africa countries. It is a very good show so far for us and we have a lot of contacts, we also meet a lot of costumers who also displaying here. Overall, we engaged with our costumers too throughout the whole days.

We will be here again in 2021 in Istanbul at SODEX and we are looking forwarding to welcoming you at our booth and of course meeting you there.”

Sushil K. Choudhury – Blowtech
Managing Director

“We are a manufacturer in India, we manufacture ventilation fans and products for the HVAC industry. We are participating in ISK-SODEX 2019 as an exhibitor and I just want to say that we are happy to be here. We have got lots of good costumers in this exhibition. We have costumers from Turkey, from countries like Libya and countries like Iran. And we are happy to be here as I said. The visitor quality is good, whoever is coming is a good quality visitor, it’s good to see that.

I’m also here to represent ISHRAE, The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers. We have jointly done with them seminars, the seminar also went off very well. I also come here as the B2B delegate from India. I have interacted with many potential suppliers here and we may be importing certain things from Turkey as part of the B2B program. We are happy to be here and we do hope we will come back on your next edition which will be in 2021, we hope to be back here.”

Fırat Samar – BVN
Sales Manager

“This year we are happy to showcase our new products together with the existing ones to the visitors of SODEX exhibition. With the fans we produce under BVN brand, we provide services to our customers in the air-conditioning industry in Turkey and eighty countries in the world. We attract attention with our pellet fans that have been launched this year for boiler manufacturers. We are greatly satisfied with the interest and visits of the foreign customers at SODEX exhibition this year. We have established new business contacts within Turkey and the next SODEX exhibition looks more promising for us. Thank you.”

Sergio Casarino – Caleffi
Sales and Marketing Manager

“Our company is making components in HVAC and plumbing business. We are here in Turkey in SODEX for the first time as Caleffi. We created our branch in July 2016. Because we believe that Turkish market was extremely important for our growth in the international level. Our project is a long term plan investing for staying and creating brand awareness of the company. We believe that SODEX is a very nice platform to meet the costumers, to meet the existing and new costumers and the opportunities. We have found from the first day a very good traffic and we are very happy about our booth, location of our all. We can say that’s a successful story, this exhibition and I’m sure we will repeat this experience.”

Zeki Özen – Daikin
Member of Board

“We are happy to participate in ISK-SODEX 2019. Foreign visitors from more than 130 countries visited B2B meetings organized by Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (ISIB) and SODEX. In the first evening of the exhibition, we had B2B meetings which I believe to be really beneficial to Turkey. We extend our gratitude to SODEX and ISIB for their contribution. As Daikin, we are here to support this contribution to the industry in Turkey this year. As what we have understood from the events during two days, this is a well-promoted exhibition and the profiles of exhibitors are very high. It will hopefully be useful for the entire industry. It is very important also for Turkey. We invite investors and traders to Turkey to turn it into a hub for Balkans, Middle East and Turkic Republics. B2B meetings are still ongoing on this matter which we hope that we will be successful. I would like to once again extent my gratitude to SODEX and ISIB.”

Mehmet Çim – Duyar Vana
Business Develeopment Manager

“This year, we showcase pre-action valves, deluge valves, flow meters, flow switches, riser manifolds, etc. in connection with water mist fire-extinguishing systems at SODEX. In addition, we have started to manufacture pumps as an indispensable part of a water mist fire-extinguishing system. The exhibition has been very productive for us. We have welcomed many local and international visitors at our booth. In this regard, I can say that this year is more productive as compared to previous years. Therefore, I would to extend my gratitude to SODEX team.”

Mehmet Özokumuşoğlu – ECA
General Manager

“This exhibition is currently the largest exhibition and meeting point of the industry. We are one of the regular exhibitors. As compared to the last year, the interest is a bit higher this year as we have observed and perceived until now. Our booth has attracted high number of visitors from the very first day, which makes us very content. Another pleasing point is that the number of foreign visitors has increased as compared to the last year. We have received high number of visitors especially from Iran, China, Northern African countries and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. It is also a pleasing development for us to meet potential customers in this exhibition especially in such a period when exportation has gained great importance. The air-conditioning industry is the fastest-growing and developing sector in Turkey and offers a great export potential. Turkish market is one of the largest markets of Europe and we are one of the biggest actors in terms of sales figures. We are happy to be here and will also continue to participate in the future.”

Ali Serdaroğlu – FAF Vana
Vice Chairman

“We export to more than 50 countries and have 52 sales dealers in Turkey. We believe that SODEX exhibition greatly contributes to our export and local activities. We have welcomed high number of local and international visitors. We have welcomed the visitors from a great variety of countries, including the high number of dealers and customers from Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia and Turkic Republics. In SODEX, we exchange information, promote our company, showcase new products and receive information about the developments in the industry, companies and customers. We take their contact information and visit them later. Therefore, SODEX exhibition is of importance for us. I believe that SODEX has achieved a great position in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors. We will continue to participate and want to be in SODEX in the future, as well. ”

Metin Duruk – FRİTERM
President of the Board

“The exhibition has been quite successful this year. Visitors from all around the world have participated in the exhibition - from Australia to Colombia. Middle Eastern, African and other countries were all very successful. The aim for generating a synergy hub where the international character of the exhibition is improved as well as commercial agreements are made, and strong cooperation is established has achieved. Our associations, foundation and exporters’ union together have carried out good works. I thank everyone who showed great efforts to achieve this.”

Manuel Togaç – Karyer
Marketing Division Manager

“We are happy to welcome our visitors at SODEX exhibition this year. We showcase air-conditioning, cooling and process cooling products. We welcome visitors from various countries and inform them about new products. We have already started to generate solutions meeting the demands and needs of the customers. Karyer exports to 75 countries and the number of these countries is ever increasing. We plan to increase our export volumes and to achieve more accurate goals in a faster way thanks to the investments and efforts of both our country and our company in this respect.

We have welcomed a great number of visitors. This year we had the chance to invite the delegation as well as many international customers and share with them our new products and new developments about our company at 2019 ISK-SODEX.”

Özge Sipahioğlu – Ravaber
Commercial Director

“We are in SODEX to attain especially the mechanical air-conditioning and installation-insulation industries. We have participated in SODEX to convey our years of experience especially in the structure part of the building systems to mechanical installations and air-conditioning. We welcome important customers from different geographies especially in the export group. We believe that we can increase our export volumes, and thus our strength. Besides, while different facade applications, ceiling applications, floor insulations etc. are mostly made in the structure group in the insulation industry, we seriously believe in the contribution that a strong industry like mechanical air-conditioning and the insulation applications therein will make a great contribution to the country’s economy. We thank to Deutsche Messe family who has given us the opportunity to participate in this exhibition.”

Oğuz Erk – Qundis
Department Head Sales International

“It is actually our third participation on the ISK-SODEX Istanbul which is a very important fair for us because we have since five years an established sales office here and business was experienced more than twenty years in Turkey. Therefore as mentioned very important exhibition for us and furthermore we have meetings next to our established costumers, also a lot of interest from outside of Turkey. Because this exhibition is really, let me say, have a focus within international base which is very important for us. I think we will definitely continue our participation on such important exhibitions like ISK-SODEX which has huge groundbase of a lot of products which has also connections to the field of the submetering where Qundis is active. We are glad to be here. Thank you very much.”

Mehmet Yılmaz – SIEMENS
Product Marketing Group Manager

“As Siemens, we participate in SODEX, one of the top exhibitions of the air-conditioning industry. We showcase our new generation Sinamics G120X frequency converters line to control the air and water both in factories and buildings. During the exhibition, we have the chance to showcase these products to our customers who want to control air and water and work more efficiently. Many foreign and local exhibitors have visited our booth and we have informed them about Sinamics G120X frequency convertors line. I would like to state how we, as Siemens, are content to participate in this fair.”

Faik Tellioğlu – Tyco
General Manager

“SODEX is one of the most valuable exhibitions for us, in which we have participated for 16-17 years in a row. While we do not participate in every exhibition or every small event, we do our best to take part in this exhibition. Because it is a great opportunity for us to meet local and international customers, mostly from far away. We have welcomed some visitors from Oman, which we have not ever got in touch, and we had the chance to talk with them. We have also met dealers from Azerbaijan and some African countries. We have established several potential business contacts. This is an exhibition, which we attach a great importance to and is a very important meeting point for the industry. It is also of essence that different industries apart from the fire management are present at the exhibition since we have the chance to meet potential customers whose target was not our company, but who visit other companies from air-conditioning, heating and cooling industries. This year, the exhibition slightly exceeds our expectations. We had a positively busy time since the first day, which makes us really content. We are happy with the interest in the exhibition. My team is also here. At our booth, there is a very crowded team consisting of around 20 people. However, we sometimes cannot suffice to our visitors. I hope that the results of the exhibition will also be positive for everyone. Thank you.”


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