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Participating Options, Stand Booking

ISK SODEX ISTANBUL 2021 Prices and Payment Schedule

SPACE ONLY In-line Stand (1 side open) (minimum 12 sqm.) - 240 € / per sqm

*If the exhibitors would like to book corner, head or block stand, These extra over price will be added to the space only price.

  • For Corner Stand (2 sides open) (minimum 30 sqm.) - 15 € / per sqm
  • For Head Stand (3 sides open) (minimum 70 sqm.) - 30 € / per sqm
  • For Block Stand (4 sides open) (minimum 120 sqm.) - 45 € / per sqm



*Min. booth area should be 12 sqm.
**Special construction is an obligation for the booths above 50 sqm.
***%18 V.A.T. is excluded.

Cost For a SPACE ONLY Booth Includes

Rent for the booth area only. Partitions, electricity, general construction, illumination and decoration must be provided by the exhibitor.

  • Booth rent
  • Catalogue entry
  • Exhibitor passes
  • Parking permits
  • Visitor enterance cards

Payment Schedule

%50 of total participation charge should be paid with the confirmation of application, remaining amount needs to be paid until three months prior to (26.06.2021) the exhibition.

Bank Accounts (EURO)

Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık A.Ş.
Garanti Bankası
Beyoğlu Ticari Şubesi (1671)
EUR       TR29 0006 2001 6710 0009 0713 35


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