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B2B Meetings

ISK-SODEX B2B Meetings Organized by Turkish HVAC Exporters’ Association (İSİB)

     Bringing together the exhibitors with the right visitors to create a trading volume nationally and internationally is the crucial mission of ISK-SODEX. In that regard, B2B Meetings which will be held during ISK-SODEX has great importance. Under the organization of the Turkish HVAC Exporters’ Association (ISIB), B2B Meetings are held with sector professional visitors worldwide. During 3 days of the exhibition, visitors will be able to meet the exhibitors who are the producers of the products they are interested in.

In the last edition, 163 buyers from 44 different countries joined B2B Meetings of ISK-SODEX and achieved great success.

*Please see the B2B Visitor Registration and Matchmaking Information Video Below


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