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Visiting Reasons

Why you should visit?

  • It makes Energy Efficiency to meet with smart buildings
  • Offers Quality and high performance together
  • Offers high quality for all
  • Offers Technology and Innovations

and for this reasons it is an indispensable event for sector professionals...

1. Focus on All Products of The Sector
ISK-SODEX Exhibition which offers big advantages for its exhibitors and visitors in its 2 years cycle, most important manufacturers of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, installation, insulation sectors present their latest products and services. ISK-SODEX Exhibition focus on all this product segments and defines the future of the sector.

2. Brings Together The Experts and Right Target Market
Being more from a trade fair, ISK-SODEX, brings together its exhibitors and visitors with the right target. Intensive marketing activities which makes ISK-SODEX to be presented both in Turkey and all around the world. As a result of this, the exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition come together with the right target. Do not miss the opportunity to be a visitor of ISK-SODEX to exchange views and follow the latest developments in the sector.

3. Networking
The statistics of 2016 edition proved the success of ISK-SODEX once again. 97% of visitors had satisfied from the exhibition in the means of the informations they got and networks they had. 60% of visitors were decision makers which also satisfied the participants of ISK-SODEX. ISK-SODEX is a great opportunity to meet, exchange views and having long term business networks.

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