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Testimonials (2018)

ODE – Chairman of the Board

”We are one of the companies which has been participating in the ISK-SODEX since its first year. This year’s fair has been very good. The first day and yesterday went very well thanks in particular to our visitors and customers from abroad. This year, we as ODE introduced our new products as well as products for technical insulation. ISK-SODEX is very important for us since we are a company aspiring to increase our exports; some of our products account for 40% of our total exports. In this sense, it is important for us that ISK-SODEX hosts more foreign customers from the exports sector every year and we aim to present our new products to international and local customers by participating in ISK-SODEX in the future as well. I would like to thank all of those who contributed and wish them success. ”

ALDAĞ – Deputy Chairman of the Board

”This year's ISK-SODEX attracted tremendous attention. We have one of the biggest stands at the fair; people found this strange when we decided to do this but today, looking at the number and quality of visitors, we understand how correct our decision was. As you know, besides device demonstrations, the fairs also offer a platform for socialization and what we aimed with our stand was to create this platform for socialization, to facilitate a shared platform to allow exchange of different opinions about the changing air conditioning systems in Turkey, and I think we were successful at this. We set up our stand with that philosophy in mind. Besides exhibiting our devices at the stand and hosting our guests, we also contributed to the fair with the Aldağ Special Seminar. This was about Heat Pump Usage in Central HVAC Systems. Heat pumps are increasingly replacing the old conventional air conditioning systems and what accounts for this is the energy efficiency, which can be regarded as one of the aspects or features of the main theme of the fair: Sustainable Indoor Climate Solutions. ISK-SODEX is our sector’s largest fair. We will continue to increase our contributions to this and other trade fairs. We want to take part in all the SODEX trade fairs within Turkey's borders. We are taking our exports very seriously. Of course, we do not want to stop there because attending trade fairs is just the beginning. In addition to this, we want to combine the feedback we get here with our market placement strategies. We have projects involving stockpiling products at storage sites, setting up extensive technical service networks and installing modular, bulky products like bulky air conditioning units, projects that are going to progress in stages. We are also not limiting this to one country only. Our most important goal is localization in these countries. In other words, our operating philosophy is to take those factors that make us strong in Turkey and apply them in these countries. ”

ALARKO – Vice President

”This is day two of the fair and it is actually exceeding our expectations. To be honest, changing both the venue and the date did create some concern with respect to visitors however over these past two days we have seen more visitors than we expected. Of course, this is an important opportunity for the players in the sector to meet and greet each other. This is effectively the sector's sole event and it takes place once every two years. Here, we find the opportunity to come together with our dealers, our customers, our friends and our competitors, to host them and to promote our products, albeit in limited numbers. Furthermore, participants come from here and from abroad too, and we get the chance to establish export relationships with them and hold initial talks. And so, we are very pleased with the way this fair has been going so far. ”

Uğur Evren HAMMAŞ
Rothenberger – Managing Director

”We have been coming to the ISK-SODEX since 2004 and we are very pleased. Trade fairs are extremely important platforms for access to end-users. Our professionals come here and they can see the latest technologies and the latest developments, we can help them if they have problems, they can get direct, first-hand information here. It is very enjoyable to meet professionals and end-users. We can see who is using our products. Apart from this, what makes us very happy this year is that there is a lot of participation from abroad. Exports matter to all of us and we were able to establish many business connections. We have established new business connections with the Middle East and the countries of the region, and we thank SODEX Team for this. This has been a good year for us, too. We organized a competition named the Masters’ League; we organized a competition together with SODEX, which we are a main sponsor of. What we want to do here is remind the professionals how valuable their professions are and to encourage young people to join our profession, our sector. From what I have seen so far, things are going very well indeed. Our professionals really enjoyed themselves, and so did we. It matters to all of us that this sector thrives and we are thrilled to see young people take part in this cause.”

FORM – Chief Executive Chairman

”Trade fairs in Turkey are improving and this is very important for the sector’s development. Our company was established in 1965 but it has started to exhibit trade fairs with very old and long-established fairs like the Izmir International Fair. Trade fairs have been greatly developed in Turkey since the 1990s, particularly in the air conditioning sector. Our company has become much more serious and professional following the start of ISK-SODEX. We have been taking part in ISK-SODEX fairs every year, or rather every other year, since their initiation. We think trade fairs are very important. For us, trade fairs are not merely a platform where we meet up with customers; they are also places attended by our foreign visitors meaning we can hold our annual talks with them; they are places where we get to meet new, foreign companies and meet foreign customers, not just Turkish ones. We are very happy with the fair and we are seeing a compared to higher rate of participation previous years. The first days are usually a trade fair’s weakest days but we never even realized it was the first day at this fair. Yesterday was also a very successful and busy day, and we can see that the days ahead are not going to be any different. We usually try to exhibit every one of our products at a trade fair but this year we are trying in particular to draw our customers’ attention to our new and locally made fan coils and also to our evaporative cooling units, which we have greatly improved and which again are locally manufactured. Without doubt we are going to continue participating in the same way on a regular basis in the coming years. We also saw some different events at ISK-SODEX this year. Various seminars were held regularly every day, and just yesterday we gave a seminar on heat pumps. We noticed a pretty good level of participation. In this respect, a trade fair is not simply a place where visitors see firms and new products, they are also places where they can obtain additional technical information and can learn about new topics.”

Mehmet ŞANAL
ÜNTES – Management Board President

”ISK-SODEX is an extremely important fair for our country. Some companies grew wary due to the change in the venue and the change in season this year. However, when we look at the past three days I want to thank the young people for a very successful event and all their hard work. In particular, the increase in the number of visitors from abroad and the new contacts which have been established have made our company and our sector very happy indeed. ”

Fatih ASAL
Wavin Pilsa – Managing Director

”We at Wavin Turkey have been attending the SODEX Fair for many years. We thought that the change in venue was going to be a disadvantage but after discussing it with colleagues in the company, we decided to attend after all. Far from what we had thought it would be like, the fair has been qualified as a success. It was very crowded. We are very pleased. People came from Turkey and from all over the world, were asking about our dealers and were genuinely interested in the topic, in the profession. There are many participants from Ukraine, Chechnya, Portugal and Germany, and this is a very positive thing for us. SODEX is actually a brand name that is well known all over the world for trade fairs and I think they are making a serious contribution to our country's economy. Istanbul is hosting the third largest trade fair in the world right here, and I wish that SODEX continues to be a success. When we came to this trade fair we did not bring along our classic products; we particularly wanted to launch our new products. One of these new products is the QBic underground water storage system. Another is our Sentio locally controlled heating system. We also got the chance to promote our grease and oil separators and our Tigris Press-Fit system in this fair. This was a very beneficial fair for us. Of course, in addition to product promotion the various other activities which were organized were also beneficial for us. One such activity was the B2B presentations that we made below. Our colleague Özhan made a very successful presentation with his Revit packages. We are very pleased with these and the increase in these activities. We at Wavin Turkey are planning to attend SODEX Trade Fairs in the future, too. We are going to participate in the fair again. ”

SAMSUNG – System Air Conditioners Head of Department

”The HVAC sector is a growing sector in Turkey as you know and has an important place across Eurasia. You can see that Turkey is currently becoming more important in Eurasia in respect of the HVAC sector, and a lot of foreign interest and concern is shifting to Turkey because it has a lot of investors or because it has a lot of know-how. From what I have seen at ISK-SODEX, more than 100 countries are have participated, and this is a development that makes us and the sector very happy indeed. We at Samsung can see this. This is the first time that we at Samsung have attended such an event, but we are experiencing the benefits even now. We counted the number of visitors wondering if this was going to work, and we found out that over 2,000 people visited our stand on the first day alone, which satisfied us a lot and made us very happy, so this captures people's attention and interest. As Samsung we wanted to participate in this fair since Samsung hugely invests in R&D and we want to guide the sector also in the HVAC field as we do in many other fields. We introduced a lot of different products this year and presented many different products to the sector. I can say that we at Samsung gave the sector wind-free cassette air conditioning this year. Apart from that there are our 30HP heat exchange units and while we have presented them to the sector before we have never had the chance to exhibit them. This year we are putting our 30HP units on professional display at this fair. Another product we presented to the market was our range of chillers and fan coil products. Samsung has brought many innovations to the sector and I can say that Samsung is shaping the future, the future of the sector. In this regard, it made us so happy to present these products, which we are putting into the field, for the interested parties in the sector and to receive their approval here at SODEX. Of course, SODEX too has improved. This is the first time that Samsung is attending this trade fair but I, Okan TUTCU, have been coming to trade fairs for many years and I can see that ISK-SODEX has improved. In what sense? In the sense of allowing the sector to share information in this manner. We discussed with SODEX about what we could do as Samsung; why don’t we hold a panel, we said, and so we held a panel named Tomorrow’s Difficulties in Today’s Buildings with many highly valued panelists in order to discuss future-readiness of ongoing urban transformation projects and other projects such as hospital investments, and we saw significant interest. In fact, the panel lasted longer than we had planned due to questions. We tried to provide insights on the direction of the sector, how the air conditioning sector has changed in parallel to the changes in Turkey, and the future of air conditioning solutions. We hope that the audience were pleased as well and satisfied with the topics we addressed. ”

Friterm – Chairman of the Board

”This is the first time that ISK-SODEX has been held at the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center. Did we at Friterm have any doubts about attending? Yes, we had some doubts. But right now those doubts have been completely cleared. Interest was really significant and this event was conducted in a professional manner. Let me particularly state that we are happy with the visitors, everyone who attended. As for presenting new products; we presented the work that our R&D center has been working on for the past two years, particularly wet and dry coolers, special stainless steel products, special aluminum heat exchangers and high-efficiency heat recovery coils. A lot of interest was shown. And with respect to foreign guests, we were greeted by a successful visitor profile. The weather was in our favor, too. It turned out really well. If we compare with the other trade fair center, the hotels etc. this trade fair location allowed our visitors to find accommodation. The site was very convenient. Communications at the trade fair, inside mobility as well as transport were all very efficient. Plus, we have elevated areas. These elevated areas provide major advantages in terms of air conditioning and heating, and we are very pleased with this. There are wide concourses. In addition to this, the forums downstairs attracted a lot of interest. We saw that. I particularly want to state that the competition between professionals attracted a lot of interest. When we look at the future of the fair, the participants think they are going to support the one in October 2019 and that they are going to take up more space. That, too, is an advantage. We at Friterm set up our R&D center and this R&D center has helped us make an important breakthrough. We developed our own software. It helps us to improve our products. By using the software that we developed at our R&D center we are trying to provide a service on the international arena. Our goal is to raise the bar even higher for local suppliers. We are all rising together. We are pleased with ISK-SODEX. We thank the professional body that contributed. We thank our associations that contributed. ”

ISKAV – President

”Nine associations plus one foundation, comprising of 10 of our institutions did a very important work with Deutsche Messe for the ISK-SODEX. I think that the work carried out by the technical committee, the executive board, the Union of Chambers HVAC Assembly, the announcements made all over the world with the help of the Chamber of Industry, the Chamber of Commerce and the Union of Chambers as well as all the visitors which attended with the help of the Union of HVAC Exporters have made those who participated in the ISK-SODEX very happy. I have been receiving positive feedbacks and thanks from everyone over the past two days and this makes me very happy. We were lucky. The days were beautiful, sunny and bright. I can see that both the foreign visitors and the Turkish ones were all very interested. In particular, significant interest was shown by foreign visitors in products made in Turkey. And after they got to observe the product on site and experience the quality of the product, they definitely want to work with Turkey. We had a lot of Pakistani, African, Middle Eastern, Indian, Russian and Ukrainian visitors. I believe that future ISK-SODEX Trade Fairs are going to take place on a more powerful, stronger foundation. I think that October is an important trade fair month for us because single years are weak years for fairs all over the world. This is going to have positive effect on us. At the same time, the month of October is one of the best times for fairs, for visitors and for producers. Looking at it from that perspective, I believe that the 2019 trade fair is going to bring a lot of important opportunities for our sector, the heating sector, the cooling sector, the pump sector, the valve sector, the automation sector, the fire sector and the insulation sector. I hope it turns out well. I want to thank all the stakeholders that contributed. I want to thank Deutsche Messe. ”

İSİB – President

”ISK-SODEX is one of our sector’s most important trade fairs. It has made its debut at a new location with a new face and on a new date, and the participants are extremely pleased. Hopefully, we shall hold a more productive fair next time by announcing the date further in advance and in a better way. The fair’s location is very nice. The area is very nice. We have not faced any problem so far. We at ISIB, the Turkish Union of HVAC Exporters, with the help of Deutsche Messe hosted prominent foreign guests in Turkey so that this fair could be a success and so that we could support Turkish manufacturers and exporters. We saw that they brought with them a remarkable, outstanding number of foreign visitors. All the companies are extremely pleased with this situation. Hopefully, our next trade fair in October 2019 will be even more successful. ”

S&P – Managing Director

We first want to express our thanks for bringing the entire sector together in the ISK-SODEX 2018. There was a change in date and venue for the fair this year. We had some hesitations, particularly in the sector. But we saw that changing the date and venue did not matter at all. Our trade fair is very nice and as a fast-paced as ever. The weather was also very nice. It was like spring outside and our fair was held in a weather that is much better than average for Istanbul. We want to thank all the players in the sector. I think that if we all work together and all provide a good service using quality products then our sector will develop in a sustainable manner. At the same time we need to work hard with regards to our exports for our sector to develop. Exports to Europe in particular are improving us both in terms of certification, standards and quality. I hope we shall all improve as a sector. You arranged a series of symposiums at the trade fair. This is the first time I have witnessed this at a trade fair event, and we liked it a lot. My colleagues and I prepared a tiny presentation and they asked me to present it. We did and enjoyed it. Our listeners did, too. You must be thinking how we can improve and be more productive in future years. You must be discussing this. But it is very important to keep it going. I take this matter very seriously because we offered some training and made some brief informative presentations at our stand during three days. This is an important topic because it is important that we, ourselves, our employees and our sector become trained and knowledgeable. Thank you. ”


”We at AFS are extremely pleased with the ISK-SODEX. Today is the last day. We have established extremely good connections over the past three days. Foreign guest participation was good. The B2B meetings were very good. We are thinking about attending future ISK-SODEX trade fairs. ”

Cantaş – Product Manager

”The SODEX Trade Fair has become a Cantaş classic. SODEX is indispensable for us. Every time we participate we witness once again the intense reactions that our customers give to our new products and we conclude that SODEX is the right trade fair for us. SODEX is the most important refrigeration-specialized trade fair. Honestly, that is what SODEX means to us. It is a trade fair where the customers know exactly what they want and where the visitors are much more qualified. In this respect, we think that SODEX is one of the most efficient and productive trade fairs. With regards to the visitors of the fair, the visitor portfolio we got used to in the past constituted of Arab countries and the Turkic republics. But we can see very clearly from the visitors in this fair that we are also serving the European countries, too. I can comfortably say that Turkish products are becoming more popular in markets like the United Kingdom and Germany. Frankly, there are still fields/areas in our country where refrigeration is not carried out very knowledgeably Looking at things from this perspective, the best way to bring all the players in the refrigeration sector together, introduce them to the latest developments and explain to them that what they think is correct is in fact wrong, is SODEX. Like I said just now, SODEX is a classic for Cantaş Refrigeration, something we cannot compromise on. And besides, every time we attend these fairs it gives us hope for future fairs because we see that refrigeration has a steadily growing potential not just in our country but in Turkey’s neighboring countries, too.”

Elif Işıl KARA
CFM – Sales Manager

”We have been coming to the SODEX Trade Fair since 2007. So, in fact this fair is quite successful for us in terms of observing what is going on in the sector, the recent innovations, allowing us to promote them and enabling us to see what other companies are doing. There were a lot of guests from abroad attending the fair this year. There were many visitors from Arabia, meaning the Arab peninsula and even from Morocco. We promoted our products to our customers. And we directed them to our partner companies that make purchases from us. We attend SODEX because we like it and particularly because it really is useful for the sector in terms of providing information. I think we are going to attend future SODEX fairs in very much the same way. ”

REFKAR – Deputy General Manager

”SODEX is our refrigeration industry’s largest representative in Turkey. That is why I have always believed in the importance of being here. I believed it was important to participate in SODEX and for our company to be represented at SODEX, and I have become more convinced of this than ever at this fair in particular. SODEX, most fairs are like that, but I think that SODEX is the most important center to bring not just our company but also our products to the forefront, for promoting the innovations we have made and for regrouping the people and establishing connections. This is why I believe it is important for us and everyone else in the sector to take part in this fair. Everybody should come to this fair to the extent that their budget and strength allow and they should represent their company, their country and their sector. This year, and I particularly want to mention this, there was a significant and important increase in connections and in the quality of visitors this year, it really did. I always say this and I shall say it again. These cards that I have in my hand right now are cards that I have set aside for no other reason than the fact that I want to deal with them myself. These cards include a visitor from Thailand, a visitor from Uruguay, from Spain, Czech Republic, and Latvia. Really, though, I want to thank each and every one of you for the B2Bs and all the effort you put into the B2Bs. The meetings were really very productive. 162 visitors came here and we got the chance to speak with them in person, and they visited our stand. I mean, this year saw a real increase in the quality of visitors and the number of global visitors, and I am very pleased with this. I hope that this productivity will be maintained in the following years. In fact I want to see it increase exponentially. I mean, I can say that of all the trade fairs we have attended this year, and I am not just saying this because I am here, globally we have attended many trade fairs, this is the most productive fair I have attended in many different sectors in Turkey and abroad until now. Really though, this has been an event that I am going to leave happily and smiling. What I mean to say is: If only all the other fairs we attended had been this productive. This is what I believe: Sales and marketing are activities and events that ought to be different from one another. People these days want market methods aimed not at information instead of products and they want to take part in promotions because wherever you go it’s always product, product, product. The people now want to obtain some information about companies, events, organizations and fairs. I mean they want to take part in events that will provide them with added value, where they can learn something and see something different because everyone is racing against time both as individuals and as corporations. Everybody’s time is precious. I mean, when they come here they want to leave not just with a product but with information, too. That is why these forums and this Masters’ League competition are very important events, very necessary activities. This was I think a very good decision to make in terms of companies promoting themselves and being able to explain the details of their products, the sector and what they do, the products they manufacture. I hope that subsequent SODEX trade fairs will continue in the same manner with even more companies participating and even more activities for visitors to take part in. Naturally, I want to express my special thanks to your company in this regard. ”

Sanica – Deputy Chairman of the Board

”We have been attending SODEX trade fairs for many years and today is the last day of this year’s fair. It has been very productive for us. We already invited all the major wholesalers and distributors across the entire Turkey to come to Istanbul in order to increase productivity, and we granted them one night’s accommodation here to allow them to tour the fair for two days. Similarly, we invited nearly 40 of our major foreign distributors to Istanbul as our guests. In this way we got to display our new products to our large-scale distributors and wholesalers both at home and abroad. They also got to form opinions and views about Turkey by visiting the other companies in Turkey. We had new products on display at this year’s fair and we got the opportunity to promote them. The most important thing here was to explain our silent pipe in our plastic pipe group. We set up a system using silent pipes and sent water through it, at high pressure too, and got everyone to hear with their own ears just how negligible the noise was. It was very productive. Everyone was very happy. The end of the fair has approached without facing any problem so far. I want to thank the entire SODEX team and their families and wish them all success. They set up a very successful fair.”

Danfoss – Regional Sales Director

”SODEX took place at a new venue and on a new date this year, as you all know. I have been in this sector for about 25 years now and throughout my time in this sector we have been in contact with SODEX many times. Throughout my 25-year long career I have always worked for international firms. During the course of my work I got the chance to participate SODEX through various firms. The sector is progressing rapidly and this pleases us very much. I think that it was a very successful event for ISK-SODEX in this new location and so I want to thank everyone. We at Danfoss attended the fair this year in order to promote out CO2 mobile unit and our training unit. We were able to reach out to most of the number of people we had set. Interest on the part of university students was particularly high, which was what we were aiming in any case. Thank you. ”

Gedik Holding – Chair of the Board

”We have been coming to SODEX trade fairs for many years now. We have not missed a single one. Gedik Döküm Vana and Termo always participate in SODEX fairs every year. We benefit a lot from this because people specialized in specific fields attend. The relevant people come along and we exchange ideas with them. In this respect, we gained a lot from SODEX trade fairs and we are going to participate next year, too. Since SODEX is the one that is specific to heating, cooling and also valves, armatures and pumps and only appeals to those industries, we also had major customers who came from abroad. They also want to take part and learn more about the sector. Thanks to this I believe that SODEX is going to become more popular with each passing year and become more productive in terms of customers and also stand owners. Gedik Döküm Vana is a company that has made huge investments in Hendek Number 2 Organized Industrial Zone and this is the first time that we have brought along valves which have a wide range of functions, and we intend to be at SODEX with new and different products. This is because the goal of trade fairs is not just to meet customers, it is also to present new products, and SODEX provides us with a very good platform in order to do this. I think that trade fairs are extremely important not just for displaying products but also for providing the opportunity to present innovative products while having conferences and providing information. Everything is in a state of change and the same goes for the way trade fairs are set up, and at the same time the fair organizers are trying to attract people by offering different activities, and in this regard I congratulate your organization. ”

M. Atakan UNAN
E.C.A – Marketing Manager

”Emas Makine is a company which is responsible for the production, sale and marketing of E.C.A. Brand heating and cooling units as part of the Elginkan community. We have had stands at SODEX trade fairs for many years. We can say that SODEX is our country’s largest, and sole, international trade fair in the heating sector and the refrigeration sector. We are already participating in this direction. In particular, when we participate we invite our foreign customers and our domestic retailers to the fair, we hold the necessary talks and we promote and launch new products and new practices. SODEX is a very important fair for us, and we have stands in this fair particularly to promote the Elginkan community and E.C.A. Brand products. We try and participate in events organized by SODEX and we gladly sponsored the Masters’ League competition that was held this year. I believe that we have done our part there. We are going to continue providing the support which is in our capacity for these kinds of activities. ”

Alexander KÜHNEL
Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık – General Manager

”2018 ISK-SODEX is nearly over, it was really a successful event. We had many new things, so we changed the dates, we changed the fairground, everybody was afraid that we will have snow in TÜYAP, there was no snow. We had a really successful event, by walking through the aisles looking at the exhibitors and visitors there was always a smile in their face. The exhibitors; they were busy, they had a lot of costumers, they gave us the feedback that they have more international visitors than ever before, they were happy about the amount and the quality of the visitors. This only could happen because we did a really good job together with our supporting partners, together with the strong team, together with press people, together with our sponsors; this is a summary of many strong efforts and it’s really great success. Of course we will continue, there’s again something new; we will move our show ISK-SODEX from 2018 February to October 2019 and then we will keep it as 2021, 2023. So, there’s again another change. We will continue with the new things we did for this year’s show as well. So, we will increase the quality and the quantity of forums, panels we had the Masters’ League, a competition for technicians for boiler installation, which went very well, that was a great success, the final round we did like Olympic Games medal ceremony, the winners got the certificate and the money they got for the first, second and third price, we will increase that that competition as well. We will continue with all our partners we will even increase the partnerships. Finally by doing that in the second half of the year hundred percent sure we won’t have any problem with the weather because it will be end of the summer and as far as I got the feedback from the exhibitors who were with us this year who want to extend their space and feedback from those who did not join this year who want to participate we will end up very soon in our waiting list and this is a dream for every organizer. So, we are quarantining quality, we are guaranteeing a good program; let’s see us again in 2019, from 2nd to the 5th October for ISK-SODEX 2019. ”

Muharrem FIRAT
Fırat – Regional Sales Chief

”There were many foreign guests on the first day and it was good that a great deal of interest was shown on the second and third days. We have a portfolio of products offered for sale in 65 countries and we mainly export to the Balkans and the Middle East. Of course, what made this year’s fair different was the Masters’ League competition. It was a good and an exemplary activity. Technicians competed there. In this respect these kinds of attractions add color to fairs, and they attract a lot of interest. We think it will be very beneficial if it is also done in subsequent fairs. Everything is a plus and contributes. The fact that participants came here and the relevant people came here naturally adds value to the sector as far as the country is concerned. Every company contributes with their own new things in the field of innovation too. Of course, I think that sector-related visitors getting to know these new products is naturally a good thing for Turkey. ”

Giacomini Unival – Chairman of the Board

”We have been together for about nine years now. We take part in SODEX and we see it as a very important fair, an exhibition where the valuable products that Turkey produces are displayed. The venue changed this year. We had concerns but we saw that the fair is even better now. This is because how a product is displayed is very important. A great deal of progress has been made in this regard this year and I congratulate you on this. Even now we can see it is only going to improve. We are very pleased with the level of participation this year. An interesting development has been observed this year. There were many more foreign visitors. Now, in this environment where the fair, meaning its marketing, is good and it’s combined with the beauty of the products, we as a country reap more benefits. Turkey’s value and the value of goods produced in Turkey come to the forefront, and this also pleases me. I congratulate everyone who contributed to this trade fair and I thank them; again, they did not mislead us. A lot of seminars and sessions were held within the scope of these activities this year. We received a lot of positive feedback and positive reactions here. More of the same will only benefit all of the sector’s stakeholders. Thank you. ”

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