Testimonials (2016)

Omar Habib, Awal Gulf, Deputy General Manager

“This is our first year that we participated in ISK-SODEX. We are very pleased with that, we have a lot of visitors from different countries around the world and around the area; Turkish, Iranian, Bulgarian etc. We will be looking forward to participate ISK-SODEX in the coming years.”

Murat Zembil, Vestel, Turkey Sales Manager

“We as Vestel, participated ISK-SODEX for the first time at 2016. We are very satisfied from the attention that we got during ISK-SODEX. We are taking place for 1 year in VRF sector and know the importance of ISK-SODEX for VRF sector. Our participation decision had formed when there is very limited time to exhibition. In that regard, we would like to thank you to ISK-SODEX team for their support.
Vestel will participate to teskon+SODEX and SODEX ANKARA Exhibitions as well as ISK-SODEX Istanbul in the coming years. We will be cooperating and achieving good process’ with Sodex team. We got great attention from international visitors and dealing to handle with quite high demand. We are planning to be more and more effective at all Sodex Exhibitions for the upcoming years.”

Ayça Eroğlu, Systemair HSK, General Manager

“We are participationg ISK-SODEX for about 20 years. There are quite a lot of changes in air conditioning sector as well as ISK-SODEX. Systemair HSK is produced new products and new solutions for the fairs thema which is Sustainable Indoor Climate Solutions.
We found the chance to be together with our visitors from local market, international target export countries and other Systemair plants and sales offices. ISK-SODEX 2016 is more effective than 2014 edition according the feedback I got from our evalutaion meetings with our team. We generally do not sell projects during Exhibitions but until that day we already sold 2 projects. Our plant is full now with Bilkent Hospital Project but we will increase the capacity and deal with that situtation. In that regard, we would like to thank to the valuable NGOs of the sector, to Deutsche Messe and Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık and we hope to reach to 2023 target of HVAC sector which is to increase to 25 billion dollars of exportation and to get a share from that target.”

Hamdi Nadir Tural, Standart Pompa, Business Development Manager

“ISK-SODEX 2016 is a very good exhibition for us. We are participating for a long time. We present pumps in ISK-SODEX which are the hearts of HVAC Systems. We have a wide range of product groups. ISK-SODEX is a very big exhibition for the sector as well as Standart Pompa. We got great attention from dealers, services, ol customers and new and potential customers. We present our products to new and potential customers. We present innovations, R&D progress to our old customers. ISK-SODEX is an exhibition for us which gives us the opportunity that we can present our products both to local and international visitors. Another advantage of ISK-SODEX is, we can make our product launchs during the exhibition. We now have energy efficient products. We try to present them to different customers in different aspects. We share technical information and application areas with our visitors. This year, the exhibition has quite a lot of visitors. In that regard, we are very happy to be at ISK-SODEX.”

Utku Aksoy, Duyar Vana, Business Development Manager

“We are participating ISK-SODEX for long time and ISK-SODEX gives us the opportunity to be together with both our national and international visitors. Our aim is to develop our contacts and relations with sector players and floow up the innovations in the sector. We preferred to participate to ISK-SODEX to present our new products to them. We presented dry alarm pipe for the first time.  In addition to that we presented splinters which are ULFM certified  as Turkey for the first time. We are very happy to be at ISK-SODEX. We will continue to be here to follow up the sector innovations and be together with new customers from new countries.”

Zeki Poyraz, AFS, CEO

“ISK-SODEX is one of the most important Exhibitions of our sector. It is a must in our sector. ISK-SODEX 2016 was very effective for us. It satisfied us in terms of visitor numbers and we believe that it will be better for the following years. We participate to ISK-SODEX for a very long time. I personally want ISK-SODEX to be more and more successfull. I congratulate the organizer. It is a very succesfull exhibition.”

Zeki Poyraz, İSİB, Chairman

“I would like to suggest non-participants that they should participate to ISK-SODEX. We are hosting hundreds of visitors from all over the world. ISIB had organized buyers delegation programme with the support of Turkish Ministry of Economy and organized B2B meetings. I would like to thank the organized for all their efforts. Visitors said that they are very satisfied from B2B meetings. We are planning to organize delegations by increasing international visitors.”

Sinan Özgür, KSB, General Manager

“We came with big expectations to ISK-SODEX. The most important reason of it that the circulation pumps which we designed in Turkey for the world market with the Industry 4.0 technology. OEM market gathers attention from all over the world. We got great attention from the visitors from all over the world. They were mostly OEM producers. Combi boilers, boilers, solar energy systems producers use circulator pumps. In that regard the most important speciality of ISK-SODEX is lots of visitors visit KBS in ISK-SODEX.”

Hırant Kalataş, Alarko, Vice President

“If I am to sum up my opinions on the fair, our expectations were mostly met. It is a fair that we have been attending since its foundation anyway, and we are one of the contributors to it for making it available in every two years. In this year’s fair we found the possibilities to realize our transactions, to see our business partners together and to host them and by means of those encounters, to promote our new products to them. We hope that the fair will continue to progressively happen in the upcoming years.”

Nadir Sarkuş, linear, Business Development

“liNear is a Gemany-based company which produces computing and drawing softwares in every step of the mechanical installations. It is our 4th time in the ISK-SODEX fair. We think we reached our goals in both the promotion and the sales thanks to the fair. This year we hosted customers from Iraq, Azerbaijan and other countries such as Russia. The fair has made significant contributions to us in terms of both the sales and the promotion. I believe we will remain present in the upcoming fairs.”

Selim Tohumcu, Sanhua, Sales Area Manager

“It is the first time that we as the Sanhua Company are attending to  the fair. We are more than satisfied with the participation, with the customers. We will be present in the next ISK-SODEX fair in 2018. The visiting customers were happy themselves with our first attendance. We would like to meet them again in 2018.”

Cem Savcı, Vatbuz, General Manager

“As you know ISK-SODEX fair has reached number three among Europe fairs. It splendidly represents the air-conditioning industry on abroad. It is a successful happening which is held in collaboration with Deutsche Messe by four associations and our foundation. This year we have attended to the fair as usual. We had the opportunity to promote our products by meeting our existing customers and potential new customers. According to my opinion the organization went pretty smooth. No big problem has occurred. We also talked to other participants and visitors. Everybody is satisfied with the fair and their performance this year. I know and believe that this success will pursue in the upcoming years. I present my thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Emre Kilimci, Honeywell, Marketing Manager

“We as Honeywell have been attending ISK-SODEX since 2004. Here we reach the decision makers from both the cooling-heating industry and also the mechanical industry. We are also responsible from Caucasus and Middle Asia as the Turkish branch, there is an intense participation from these regions, we also communicate to them. We would like to keep our collaboration with ISK-SODEX in the next term.”

Erol Porsemay, Çelikpan, Sales & Marketing Manager

“We have been attending to ISK-SODEX fair for approximately eight years as Çelikpan Holding, as Warmhaus. So we aim to promote our new combi boilers Warmhaus to customers, distributors and and wholesalers. Therefore the fair has been quite beneficial for us in many aspects. We promote our new product Warmhaus to consumers, sellers and distributors. We took the chance and promoted both ourselves and our new brand Warmhaus; because in this fair it is possible to meet one hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, maybe even more people, hence we thought the best place to promote this brand was the fair.  We aim to promote our new products, hermetic devices and condensing new generation products called ERP, and also we aim to make them meet with the end users. Another really important matter in the ISK-SODEX fair for us as Warmhaus is that we want to meet with foreign visitors, foreign purchase decision makers. We aim to promote ourselves via ISK-SODEX in regions such as  Europe and Middle Africa and we are doing that now. One of the most important markets for us is Iran and under normal circumstances we will have sold these to Persian customers in ISK-SODEX fair. So our target for the fair is go get in touch with 30 countries and realize sales.”

Ufuk Atan, Demirdöküm, Satış Director

“Here our company has taken its place in the beautifully organized ISK-SODEX. As Demirdöküm we have been taking our place in the same booth in the biennial fair since 1997- I believe it was the first year the fair was held. We are more than satisfied. We are one of the leading brands in the industry and the main aims for us to be here is to meet new customers, to spend time with existing ones, to see them, and to get in touch with our friends,competitors, and to see the innovations.  I can say that we have met most of these aims in this year’s beautifully and successfully organized ISK-SODEX. For example there is a significant participation for export from countries such as Iran, Middle Africa, Jordan, and our friends have been making business meetings all the time. Of course we are a 62-year-old company as Demirdöküm and we have a lot of business partners, vendors, plumbers. Here we are all together, chitchatting, being happy. There is a significant attention towards our booth and that also makes us happy. I hope these fairs will continue and contribute to the export of our country. Every one of us should support these organizations. I thank all the participants. I thank the ISK-SODEX crew. It is a beautiful, significant organization, we are gonna make it better together, I believe it.”

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