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Participating Options, Stand Booking

ISK SODEX Istanbul 2019 Prices and Payment Schedule

SPACE ONLY In-line Stand (1 side open) (minimum 12 sqm.) - 240 € / per sqm

*If the exhibitors would like to book corner, head or block stand, These extra over price will be added to the space only price.

  • For Corner Stand (2 sides open) (minimum 30 sqm.) - 15 € / per sqm
  • For Head Stand (3 sides open) (minimum 70 sqm.) - 30 € / per sqm
  • For Block Stand (4 sides open) (minimum 120 sqm.) - 45 € / per sqm



*Min. booth area should be 12 sqm.
**Special construction is an obligation for the booths above 50 sqm.
***%18 V.A.T. is excluded.

Cost For a SPACE ONLY Booth Includes

Rent for the booth area only. Partitions, electricity, general construction, illumination and decoration must be provided by the exhibitor.

  • Booth rent
  • Catalogue entry
  • Exhibitor passes
  • Parking permits
  • Visitor enterance cards

Payment Schedule

%50 of total participation charge should be paid with the confirmation of application, remaining amount needs to be paid until three months prior to (02.07.2019) the exhibition.

Bank Accounts (EURO)

Bank: Garanti Bankası
Branch: Galatasaray
Branch Code: 068
Account: 9071335  (Euro)
IBAN: TR27 0006 2000 0680 0009 0713 35

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